Thursday, 5 May 2011

Characters in "The Boscombe Valley Mystery"

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes

  • Well-known private detective
  • Very confident, intelligent and perceptive
  • Trustworthy, persuasive and charming
  • Shrewd, observant and analytical
  • Tall and thin, smokes clay pipe, wears a deerstalker and cloak

Dr Watson
Dr Watson
  • A medical doctor
  • A good sidekick that helps Holmes solve cases
  • Likes detective work and usually accompanies Holmes on cases
  • Helpful, adventurous and trustworthy
  • Gullible
  • Wears glasses, a bowler hat, and has a heavy moustache 
  • A bit plump and jolly (like Santa Clause!)

 James McCarthy
    James McCarthy
    • An innocent victim blamed to have killed his own father, Charles McCarthy.
    • Handsome, kind and good-hearted.
    • In love with Alice Turner, daughter of John Turner.
    • Youthful, strong and fragile.
    • Proactive and observant.

    John Turner
    John Turner
    • A highway robber in Australia in the 1860s when gold was discovered in Ballarat.
    • Moved to England after a major robbery and settled in a country estate in Ross-on-Wye.
    • Tall, left-handed, slight limp, likes to smoke Indian cigar.
    • Respectable and Introvert.
    • Reserved, Secretive and Deceptive.
    • Dishonest and Hypocritical

    Alice Turner
    • 18 years old daughter of John Turner.
    • Loves James McCarthy.
    • Pretty and dainty, a bit fragile after her father fell ill.
    • Proactive and Trusting.
    • Loyal.
    • Alice Turner

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